La Familia

We are La Familia, a record label crated by renowned producers Chris Jedi and Gaby Music. We are made up by a group of the hottest artist, award winning producers and accomplished composers with a common life goal, working from Puerto Rico and taking our music to a global scale.

Since our beginning as Los Marcianos, we envisioned discovering and developing new talent. We identify our artist's talent to take their art to its peak. We believe in the power of music to create culture.

The sought-after artists in our family are Lunay, Chanell and Juliito, also the gifted producers Dímelo Ninow and Dulce como Candy.

Our services include:

· World Class Recording and Production
· Promotion
· Management
· Artist Branding
· Digital Marketing and PR
· Strategic Planning

We are La Familia. Interested in having a member of La Familia produce your next recording? Then please reach out to us using the Contact Page and include sufficient information about your project for us to evaluate and get back to you.